Translation Management for Life Science & Healthcare

Manage and control the translation of your global content with XTM. XTM is a secure and scalable, enterprise translation management solution, that provides process automation, real-time collaboration, auditability and quality control.

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XTM Solves Life Science & Healthcare Translation Challenges

  • Multilingual product packages

    Consolidate, manage & audit

    XTM consolidates your global translation data, suppliers and processes into a secure centralized solution. Benefit from automated workflows while sharing your translation memories and terminology glossaries in real-time across all users.

  • Marketing content is continuously changing

    Measure and improve quality

    XTM provides integrated Linguistic Quality Assessment, LQA, based on the industry standard, MQM. This means you never have to compromise on quality, consistency or speed when launching new Life Science products and programs into global markets.

  • Effective marketing campaigns

    Security & transparency

    Ensure your global content is processed securely and seamlessly with XTM. Easily integrate XTM with your existing systems and workflows, providing a transparent platform for managing and collaborating with your internal and external Language Service Providers.

XTM is a complete TMS offering control, transparency, measured quality and reduced costs

  • Never miss a deadline

    Streamline and improve

    Streamline the creation, management and publishing of compliant life science & healthcare multi-lingual content. XTM improves quality and consistency by ensuring that project managers, translators, and in-country reviewers have real-time access to the same configurable and scalable translation management platform.

  • Length under control

    Accelerate and control

    Centralize all your translation resources for optimum project management. Eliminate inconsistencies and reduce time to market with XTM industry leading innovations in-context visual editing and real-time chat within a project.

  • Length under control

    Integrate and automate

    XTM connects with your existing IT systems such as content management, labelling and DTP systems. XTM connectors automate data workflows to reduce errors and costs by eliminating manual file management and shortening delivery times.

Discover how XTM can meet the highest medical standards!

Meet the dynamic translation demands for all Life Science and Healthcare sectors

  • Powerful terminology

    Pharmaceutical & Clinical Trial

    XTM processes all common standard file types including DITA, and also offers dynamic processing of InDesign .indd files. Seamlessly manage the localization of your source content to avoid unnecessary cost. Maintain full control of each project with up to date reports and a complete audit trail. Easily configure and edit workflows and make use of the in-project real-time chat to collaborate and meet the demands of linguistic back validations. Store your content centrally while giving contributors configurable roles for secure compartmentalized access. Streamline your efforts with integrated translation memory and terminology management to ensure quality and consistency while reducing translation spend.

  • Transcreate with alternative translations

    Medical Device & Diagnostic

    Efficiently translate and publish fully-compliant multi-lingual content. With powerful ID-based matching for software localization, industry leading DITA & XML processing for technical publications & labels and dynamic automated website publishing, XTM meets the translation requirements for all departments. Retain full control over quality, budgets, data assets, suppliers and deadlines. Now you can simultaneously release approved product content in all languages and formats with ease. Ensure consistency and quality, while eliminating redundant tasks and human errors, delivering content for all markets on time and on budget.

  • Track changes and collaborate better


    While the secure generation and storage of source content may meet regulatory requirements, frequently organisations overlook the translation process. Too often content is distributed via insecure email or FTP to translators located globally and ends up residing on their PC's hard drive in order for them to work with antiquated translation software. Join XTM to create a secure, automated content translation process. With options for HIPAA compliant cloud hosting or installation on servers behind your firewall, and an automatic anonymization feature to hide confidential data, XTM can exceed all security & privacy requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, when installing XTM on premise, we refer to it as XTM Suite. If this is required please contact so that the team can specify the correct IT infrastructure you will need.
If your Language Service Provider does not have an XTM licence you can automatically let them borrow from you a specified number of licences for the duration of a translation project.
Yes. We have already migrated a number of enterprises from SDL WorldServer and other TMS solutions to XTM. Additionally, after migration we will provide XTM training & support and help you configure the system to meet your needs.
You can learn about XTM from many sources. We hold regular free webinars and there are tutorial videos on our website. Our professional training department can either provide live online training sessions or come to your offices for on premise training. The full XTM manual is available here. A list of XTM knowledge base articles is available here. Contact to discuss how we can help you make the most of your investment in XTM.

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