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Localize in-game content, marketing communications and websites in XTM Cloud, the world’s leading TMS & CAT platform, to have full control over quality, budgets, assets, suppliers and deadlines. Now you can simultaneously release titles in all languages, with ease.

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Win the game with the most capable Translation Management System on the market

  • Be Smart. Play by your rules.

    XTM Cloud is independent of all language service providers, allowing game developers and publishers to centrally manage all language assets of their titles and regain the control. Localization managers can automatically assign or quickly select the vendors that are best suited for translation into the required language of a specific file.

  • Be Agile. Strings never stop changing.

    Update, change and adapt translation projects with new source content, files or languages in a single continuous localization project per product. Edit workflows before, after and even during translation. XTM Cloud stores project data and translations in real-time. So when a company needs to move fast, it can act on the spot… without losing any translation progress. XTM Cloud has been designed to mirror the development and narrative team Scrum sprints that localization mangers have to take into account.

  • Be Efficient. Use ID based matching.

    Translation Memories save you colossal amounts on game translation and now thanks to leveraging based on Unique String IDs. It means XTM ensures that previous translation is always reused in the best possible way. It is the game developers that now make the rules on how to reuse translations, regardless of the suppliers.

Make a move to the TMS technology of tomorrow

  • Forget about hardware. Just stay connected.

    Users today switch between a Mac, PC and Tablet faster than ever before. Future proof your processes and your users access to translation resources and suppliers. XTM Cloud enables users to log in from anywhere around the world using just a browser. Content delivery network guarantees performance and reliability while new features become instantly available to the entire translation supply chain.

  • Use meta-data. Is this male, female or perhaps neither?

    String files and voiceover projects often leave linguists without any context from the game. With XTM, localization managers can create custom columns displayed in XTM Editor that provide more details to the entire supply chain. Clickable links to images, interactive previews, XTM Visual Editor for HTML files provide a better context to avoid mistranslation and dramatically improve quality.

  • Be Global. Faster.

    By automating the push and pull from a string version control system like GIThub, Perforce, SVN or Jira means a translation project can be created automatically. When a translation is completed in XTM it can be then pulled back in. This removes all the manual import and export steps, while ensuring that no files have been lost or corrupted during a sprint. Fewer manual steps and less QA needs to be done which means a shorter time to market for the title.

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Stay in control of your translation projects

  • Utilize the power of many

    Benefit from using multiple language service providers and freelancers who collectively offer far greater capacity and throughput. This means instantly sharing assets for consistent results.

  • Prevent delays

    Reminder emails and due dates for each step in the workflow prevent delays and misunderstandings between different stakeholders of the same project. XTM ensures this by translating the deadline to the local time of the users no matter where they are globally.

  • Keep track of progress and costs

    Use advanced reports, dashboards, progress bars, statistics and metrics to keep track of the progress and costs of projects in real time.

Discover how XTM meets your unique needs!

XTM Cloud: Translation Management System that reflects your game development process

XTM Cloud features customizable workflow steps to ensure the high quality of translations and mirror the approval path of your enterprise.

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    XTM Cloud supports a multitude of game, software, website, Adobe and productivity tool source files. It converts them to the new XLIFF 2.0 format in which they are available for translation.

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    Request translation in XTM Editor — a comprehensive CAT tool integrated in XTM with translation memory and terminology applied and quality checker tools at fingertips that is available from browsers and is included in the package with XTM.

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    QA teams can quickly identify IDs of strings that need rework using XTM Editor verification features and mark them with the status "To be corrected" and push them back to the supplier for instant actions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate ID based Matching for my PO files?
Simply send a sample file to support@xtm-intl.com with your XTM cloud account name and the team will switch this on. Let them know if you want the IDs to be always shown or if you would like them only to be shown on the string you are working on.
XTM Cloud requires no installation. XTM Cloud is ready to start importing users, language assets and creating projects within just a couple of seconds.
Yes, when installing XTM on premise, we refer to it as XTM Suite. If this is required please contact sales@xtm-intl.com so that the team can specify the correct IT infrastructure you will need.
XTM is based on a concurrent licensing model, so you can share licenses across all your users and suppliers. Licenses are only in use when specific users are logged in to the system. When they have logged out, the licenses are then available for someone else to use. Please contact sales@xtm-intl.com and the team will help you determine the number of licenses you need.

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