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For Enterprises

Deploying information across multiple regions is a complex business, so you need to know your translation solution will work 24/7.  Simple, scalable and robust, XTM will deliver your multilingual content faster and more cost-effectively. Translate your content using transparent workflows, and enjoy complete control over your global brand.

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For Translators

Whether you’re a large translation agency or an independent freelancer, everybody wants to boost efficiency, reduce cost and save time. XTM helps you do just that – streamlining and speeding localisation processes in innovative ways, and with absolutely no compromise to quality.

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Improve the quality of your multilingual document delivery with XTM Cloud.

We understand that your business needs to be able to translate documents quickly, without sacrificing translation quality or stretching your budget.

No matter what file format you use for your source content, whether it’s Word, Excel, XML, or a wide variety of other formats, XTM Cloud will automatically process it and make it ready for translation.

Allocate translators and proof readers who can log on from any devise and perform their work on line. Then at the end of the job the target, documents are produced in the same format as the source file. As XTM is complainant with industry standards you can guarantee that you will be able import and export all your documents and assets conveniently.

Translation memory allows you to reuse your past translations, while any new translations are immediately propagated throughout the project providing major cost savings. Additionally XTM secures the consistency of your content through an integrated terminology module which centrally stores all your key words and prompts translators as required.

LQA (Linguist Quality Assurance) is a unique feature, which helps you assess and control the quality of the translations you are receiving, putting you in control of your multilingual content.

XTM Cloud offers a wealth of features to help you localize your documents. Click here to try it for free.

Simplify your website translation process with XTM Cloud.

Translating websites can be a difficult, resource-draining task due to the complexity of systems and the need for frequent updates.

XTM is perfectly suited for taking the load of localizing your website into many languages. You have the option to upload your source files manually or of integrating your content management system using XTM Connect, our API and out of the box range of connectors, that make light of integrating with XTM. XTM Connect also gives you the option to create and manage all your translation projects remotely.

If the multi-lingual updates to your website are delayed, it can have a serious impact on your business. XTM overcomes delays by eliminating unnecessary file transfers between translators, reviewers and correctors and offering a flexible workflow. You can easily incorporate your chosen LSP to task in the workflow or allocate a group of translators. Also the WYSYWIG previews of HTML target language pages greatly assist your localization effort.

XTM Cloud offers a wealth of features to help you localize your website. Click here to try it for free.

Speed up the translation process of your marketing assets with XTM Cloud.

The pace of work in marketing requires a reliable solution that allows you to translate any content in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

XTM translation software offers quick turn-around times by cutting out or automating many manual steps in the workflow, guaranteeing optimal efficiency. Additionally your translations tasks can be shared and worked on simultaneously in a collaborative environment, eliminating any unnecessary delays or duplicate translations.

The inbuilt terminology module ensures the consistent use of key words across all your messaging, allowing you to speak with the same voice throughout all your communication.

XTM will handle your marketing material whatever the format – for example upload an InDesign document translate it, preview a WYSIWIG PDF of the target file, or download a pdf to carry out a review off line and finally generate the perfect InDesign target file.

As XTM is available 24/7 and its full functionality is accessible from any device, you can run up to date progress reports and track your translation projects putting you in control

XTM Cloud offers a wealth of features to help you localize your marketing material. Click here to try it for free.

Level up your game localization process with XTM Cloud.

The simultaneous release of multilingual versions of games is a complex task that requires extensive coordination, while maintaining consistency and security.

XTM brings together our extensive knowledge of the gaming and translation industries to deliver the leading solution to tackle localization projects of any complexity or size.

XTM’s advanced translation memory matching offers either ID or context based matching to provide excellent match rates and reduce your translation costs. Also real-time sharing of all linguistic assets eliminates any unnecessary delays and helps you to ensure consistency of your game across all versions and patches.

Since XTM is available via the cloud, project managers and linguists can access it from any device at any time, while your data remains safe on XTM’s secure servers. Progress reports allow you to track your multilingual content to ensure you have firm control over the entire project.

XTM allows you to adjust your subscription to suit your varying workload, ensuring operational and cost efficiency.

XTM Cloud offers a wealth of features to help you localize your game content. Click here to try it for free.

Boost your software and application translation process with XTM Cloud.

Building and promoting applications is a difficult task, but XTM simplifies your localization processes so you don’t have to worry about it.

If you store your interface text in a content management system you can simply use XTM Connect, our API and out of the box range of connectors, that make light of integrating with XTM. XTM Connect also gives you the option to create and manage all your translation projects remotely.

Send the text for each new release to XTM and let it automatically apply your TM so that you maximise the reuse of previous translations. Translation templates that can specify all the project parameters such as the workflow and translation resources, allow you to set up the project with only a few clicks.

Translators and proof-readers work online meaning that you have an up to the minute overview of the progress of the project. Regardless of the size or complexity of your projects XTM enables you to select, and adjust the workflow to ensure that you deliver a quality translation on time and within budget.

XTM Cloud offers a wealth of features to help you localize your apps. Click here to try it for free.


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